As a professional activity, esports barely existed five years ago. Yet, experts predict the revenues generated from a combination of streaming TV and online video ads, sponsorships and ticket sales will reach US$1.5 billion by 2020 making it the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world.

The rapid growth of esports as a revenue-generating sector is a phenomenon that catches the attention of various industries, sectors, the brand owners and marketers globally. Esports (aka electronic sports) is simply competitive gaming and kicked off several years ago as an insular activity played by fanatical players of online games, being viewed on computers by their equally zealous friends. Today, it is also played by professionals who enter tournaments offering multi-million dollars in cash prizes. It is watched by millions of fans, mostly young Millennials and Generation Z, at live venues or online at home. Spectators at the live events also come armed with mobile devices to interact with other fans via social media.

Esports offers several exciting opportunities for the regional and global gaming industry, and below are some highlight the esports sessions on this year’s GRWA programme.

Gaming Innovation and Technology Day – 13 August 2018
Eileen Bell from BT Financial Group will speak about the importance of gaming in today’s digital age, the role of technology strategy and esports for businesses.

Casino, Clubs, Esports & Gaming Day – 14 August 2018
We will focus on several topics such as the winning strategies for customer retention and acquisition, alternative esports venues and their potential and we will be showcasing a real-life case study on the opportunities for clubs in the new era of esports in Australia.

Sports betting, Wagering and Gaming Day – 15 August 2018
Conference day 3 will put into the spotlight esports betting in Australia and where the opportunities are for this booming alternative revenue stream.